Esia Cheap Mobile Connect

Again, cheap handphone made iin Esia. Esia titled Connect to internet and facebook's only 200 thousand rupiah, due to fever of social networking and instant messaging are still so high, making the mobile market affected positively about penjualaanya. Not only cell phones for high-end segment, also joined the low end of scale enjoyed the sweetness of sosialan in mobile networks. That matter, try to arrest Bakrie Telecom (Btel).
After some time ago successfully introduced Esia Messenger, an application like BlackBerry Messenger which is specifically used sesaama Esia users, is now increasingly intensified Btel Messenger with reintroduce Esia Esia cell phone Connect.
Esia Connnect besutan Herian is a mobile phone that has been immersed in various services of the operator. Besides relying on Esia Messenger, it also makes the phone numeric shortcut number of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, as their weapons. Also included within Yahoo Messenger.
As a class of low-end CDMA phone, not enough Esia lemot Connect to connect to the internet. Several times in testing the ability of exploring the virtual world, not too disappointing, although can not be called satisfactory.

Another addition in Esia Connect, the FM radio service, which is not immersed in the previous phone. Features flashlight is also quite useful when an unexpected time.
However, users who like hooked on mobile games, have to be careful when playing games on the Esia Connect. Because there are few games that are linked online. Instead, the pulse suddenly okezone trpotong when games resume next level, which is unfortunate, without prior notice.
Problem prices, very friendly Esia Connect mediocre bag. The reason Btel membanderol with hargaa Rp275 thousands. Quite cheap compared to local qwerty phone.

Translated From Indonesian :

HP Murah Esia Connect, Rp200 Ribuan

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