Nokia recharge with Radio Waves

Helsinki - The researchers exploring new ways Nokia recharge the battery device innovative methods gadget with a more energy efficient. At the time of recharge the battery device gadget, they no longer use the electric energy source but using the Ambient radio wave radiation.

E Europe Week, Thursday (11/6/2009) launch, this prototype device can collect as much 3.5 milliwatt of energy from the radiation source elektromagnetik similar devices such as Wi-Fi, mobile phone antenna, antenna and TV. Nokia, said in the blog is still trying to use your charger so that this can capture up to 50 milliwatt power source.

With the capacity of the charger device will be enough to recharge the battery of the phone.
Unfortunately, this device is still a tentative, there is no further information that Nokia will develop further. Even Nokia themselves are still not convinced that technology can be efficient and work well. Therefore they do not have plans to produce the device in a large scale.

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