2 Hanphone latest Sony Ericsson 'Green'

Sony Ericsson has recently launched two mobile phone the latest environmentally friendly. This shows the seriousness Sony Ericson for contributing to the environment. Spokesperson for Sony Ericson company will add to concern with the environment continues to innovate in creating devices that are 'green' in two years. Such information is quoted from Reuters, Thursday (4/6/2009). The two latest mobile phone called C901 GreenHeart and Naite akan thrown to the market in a tiny package. This mobile phone is deliberately made from material that can be recycled and not wasteful of energy.

"The launch of this product is a form of commitment to the development of innovation-friendly environment that the device will reach us in two years," said Sony Ericsson Chief Executive Hideki Komiyama.

Products more environmentally friendly of late is increasing, especially in the mobile phone industry. Both consumers and producers seemed very docile with a proposed environmental organizations around the world to use and produce a variety of environmentally friendly devices.

Mobile phone product ranks highest in the market of electronic devices. Globally there were more than one billion mobile phones sold every year. Imagine, how much waste generated from the phone box and additional mobile devices.

Therefore, if the mobile phone manufacturers mobile phone-friendly environment, will give a very big contribution to the life of the earth and efforts to prevent global warming.

Sony Ericsson to install the target can cut carbon dioxide gas emissions by 20 percent later in 2015.

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