Techno Gadget : Neuros OSD Media Recorder

The Neuros OSD connects to your TV or home theatre system and allows you to archive all of your DVD and video content. Plug the Neuros OSD into your TV, connect to your DVD player or VCR, and hit play. Your movie will be safely and legally transferred into a digital library! It works with home movies too. Just plug your video camera into the OSD, push play, and your memories are digitized. Eliminate DVD and VHS cases to free up space. Watch your video content on the go on laptops and PMPs like the iPod, iPod Touch, iPhone, PSP, Smartphones, etc.

Main Functions

* Video Recorder
* Video Player
* Music/Audio Player
* Photo/Image Viewer
* Audio Recorder


* Standalone Media Player
* Record from any external analog audio/video source such as a DVD player or Cable box
* Automatically encode video/audio for playback on mobile devices such as iPods and mobile phones
* Playback a variety of media formats on your TV
* Timed recording feature to schedule recordings in advance
* Storage via media cards or external USB hard drive
* Display Photos and Play Music Files
* Infra Red Remote Learning and Playback
* Network Attached Storage function

Technical specification:

* Compatible with NTSC, PAL and SECAM (input only) standards
* Record from any standard video source with RCA or S-video output
* ISO Standard MPEG-4 SP encoding (MP4, ASF)
* QVGA (320x240) @30fps with AAC-LC/MP3/G.726 audio for smartphones, PSP, iPod, iPhone and PDA
* VGA setting (640x480) @30fps for PC, TV playback

* Standard A/V RCA Interface Cables, SCART adapter, power supply, stand, remote control, IR blaster user manual
* Requires connection to a hard disk drive for storage (not included)

* Dimensions: Height: 21.6cm Width: 26.3cm Depth: 9.2cm
* Weight: 1.4Kg

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