Outdoor Gadget : Handheld Altimeter

How high the moon? Sorry to break into a spot of jazz. But it's a relevant question if you're out and about in your woolly socks, bobble hat and cagoule. Not so much how high the moon, of course, but how high am I? How wet will I get? When will it get dark? And how long will it take me to fall back to sea level should I accidentally tumble down this ravine?

With this nifty handheld altimeter, one will always have a grip on one's vertical situation. In my case, my cruising altitude is approximately 1.85 metres. Except when I'm on the top deck of the staff bus from the courtesy car park here at Gadgetshop HQ. Then it's more like 5.27 metres.

In fact, to call this a mere handheld altimeter is to dumb it down considerably. For, yes, it is a handheld altimeter. But it's also a fiendishly clever digital barometer, compass, temperature gauge, weather forecaster, clock and alarm all in one. In short, a go-anywhere, know-anything little device. Ultra-handy in all manner of challenging situations. Like the Brecon Beacons. And Newcastle on a Saturday night.

Specially designed for the great outdoors, this is a device with practicality at heart. So it even comes with a nifty carabiner attachment (in the Offset D configuration) to enable its attachment to one's rucksack or, in extreme situations, one's belly-button ring. Don't try that at home.


* Advanced digital altimeter
* 400m to 9000m range
* Clock, calendar and alarm functions with backlight
* Outdoor temperature
* Digital compass: bearing 16 cardinal points; user-adjustable declination angle; true north calibration
* Barometric pressure - local and sea level
* Weather forecast with 4 different displays
* LED for night-time viewing


* Dimensions: Height: 11.0cm Width: 3.5cm Depth: 7.5cm
* Weight: 0.05Kg
* Batteries: 2 x CR2032
* Batteries Included: Yes

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