New Action Camera For Adventure

It is not wise to try to hold a camera whilst you are jumping out of a plane. Or skiing down a mountain. Or climbing the Grand Canyon. But, naturally, if you are doing those things you will, somehow, want to capture the moment. Action Camera is your answer. It is a tough, no-nonsense digital movie camera that attaches easily to a helmet, mast, harness, or handlebars. It has a 640x480 VGA CMOS sensor to record your incredible footage with incredible quality. You can then playback your adrenaline-fuelled antics on your PC or TV, or upload them to MySpace or YouTube. And if that is not enough, it also has an in-built SD card slot, so you can boost the existing 32MB of on-board memory up to 2GB.

Ah yes, it's water, dirt, rain, snow and shock proof too. Now, be off with you. Haven't you got a cliff face to scale?

* Easy to use LCD display
* Handlebar grip
* Helmet grip
* Two touch-fastening straps
* Silicon rubber head strap and silicon grease.
* 32MB built in memory
* Features a built-in SD card slot


* Dimensions: Height: 12.0cm Width: 3.0cm Depth: 3.0cm
* Weight: 1.0Kg

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