Gadget Girl : Swiss Army Nail Clip - Pink

Once upon a time, the Swiss Army, with its band of bicycling volunteers, could rest easy knowing that its reputation as a peace-loving, neutral country meant little chance of attack. There was simply no need for AK-47s and Hueys. Instead, the volunteers could get back to the simple life of banking and cuckoo clocks. There was, however, still paper to cut. Splinters to remove. Wood to fashion into walking sticks. Fire to make. Not to mention the myriad other assorted mundanities of life. It was then that Wenger stepped into the breach by inventing a global best-seller - and created a true icon: the Swiss Army Knife.

Here's one for the laydeez. Or, let's be frank, those men who are comfortable in their masculinity. This is stuffed with life's little saviours - essential pieces of kit each designed to prevent a small drama from escalating into a major diplomatic incident, including a toothpick and screwdriver. As a handbag essential it's unrivalled (being compact and neat it'll also stop your bag looking like the aftermath of a Force 8 gale). Then it's Lausanne here we come for some serious nail-filing action.


* Nail clipper
* Nail file
* Nail cleaner
* Screwdriver for small cross head screws
* Ring
* Serrated-edge scissors and lever
* Small blade 65 mm
* Toothpick
* Tweezer


* Dimensions: Height: 5.0cm Width: 10.0cm Depth: 5.0cm
* Weight: 0.4Kg

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