Fun Gadget : Digital Alcohol Breath Tester

In each of us lurks a party side and a sensible side. The Digital Alcohol Display Breath Tester is designed specifically to ensure the party side of your nature does not overrule the sensible side, whether it's on a night out or on the morning after the night out. Small enough to slip in your pocket or glove box, The Digital Alcohol Display Breath Tester gives you a reading in 20 seconds, so you get an indication of the amount of alcohol in your bloodstream. However, in NO circumstances should it be used as an absolute reading.


* 3 visual readings (safe level, cautious level and danger zone)
* Handy pocket size
* Delivers results within 20 seconds


* Dimensions: Height: 2.0cm Width: 4.0cm Depth: 10.0cm
* Weight: 0.2Kg


* 18 years +

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