IP camera technology vs cctv

IP camera or there is also a call netcam (Network Camera) is a device rekording and capture and objec-date, the IP camera. IP camera technology replacing CCTV have visual and audio processing capabilities and can be accessed pc directly, or via LAN internet, and mobile phone networks. one example is the product ip camera IP Camera D-Link DCS-3110, or model of IP camera D-LINK DCS-3110 / E or Digital Internet Camera D-Link DCS-6620G.P / E which three are the output of the D-Link .

Installation is very simple. an IP camera is placed in the location specified in order to monitor the situation, then do the settings directly via pc or via a network. ip camera device accessible from anywhere as long as we are internet connected, either with a laptop or mobile phone. With the ability and the simplicity of the setting plus the ease of access it has, this device is likely to be able to replace existing monitoring tools such as CCTV.

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Digital projectors

The idea or the presentation of an issue now is no longer enough to be displayed in a colorful print specially designed arouse our attention. Bring it on a broader audience requires a projector that can be relied upon.

Many digital projectors offer from a variety of brands, sizes, and the like, including the features that follow the progress of information communication technology. Digital projectors now have a variety of additional technologies, such as relying on the HDMI connection (high-definition multimedia interface) because the larger the data displayed on the projector screen.

Another thing that also want to be integrated into digital projectors today is how we connect a notebook computer containing the data you want displayed no longer rely solely on cable, but also bring the sophistication of wireless technology that has become part of everyday life.

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